Tango is the most sane of the baby goats.

Unlike Frankie, he's more than happy to stay

in the pen with his mother. 


Our Girls

We have many chickens here at the farm, usually over 250 who we get our fresh eggs from. And don't worry if they start wondering all over the farm, they're truly free range!

our animals


Our Pheasants

We'd like to introduce you to some of our friendly animals here at the farm. Come on over and give them a little treat!


​Pepper is our more outgoing pig, you can tell her apart from Patsy because her hair is more salt and pepper.


Louie is the father of Winter, Frankie, and Tango. This is our sweet, shy boy. 

Oreo is 


​Patsy is one of our shier pigs, but she's always happy to get a few treats! She's got darker hair than her sister Pepper.

Lola is our more nervous but nonetheless

hungry pig. 

Silver Polish Chickens


Lucy is our charismatic mama-goat. You'll see on top of the roof of her house, scouting, making sure there's no chaos on the farm.  

Georgina is very friendly and loves attention. 

If she see's you walking by her pen , she'll probably be the first to greet you.




Winter is the daughter of Lucy and Louie. She's the oldest daughter of the two. She's very curious and loves getting pet. 



Frankie is our most mischievous baby goat.

There's a good chance you'll see him out 

of his pen causing trouble.