This is our sweet, shy boy. He's winter's dad and loves a nice snack.

Our Girls

We have many chickens here at the farm, usually over 250 who we get our fresh eggs from. And don't worry if they start wondering all over the farm, they're truly free range!


​Pepper is our more outgoing pig, you can tell her apart from Patsy because her hair is more salt and pepper.

our animals


Winter is our newest baby on the farm. She's very curious and loves getting pet. Stop by to say hello to our newest member!

We'd like to introduce you to some of our friendly animals here at the farm. Come on over and give them a little treat!


Lucy is our charismatic mama-goat. She loves a treat and is willing to get up on two's for it.


​Patsy is one of our shier pigs, but she's always happy to get a few treats! She's got darker hair than her sister Pepper.